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Hi, my name is Dasha, but I often go by the nickname "Dersh."


Фотки, pronounced "Fotki" is a Russian word meaning "photos." 

I am a photographer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live together with my partner and pet cat, Reyna.

I also work as a model, love to play video games, and enjoy about a million different hobbies.

I love shooting what inspires me, and am especially drawn to beauty and fashion, but can never give up live music photography.

I describe my photography style as unusual, bold, and elegant.

As a photographer, I have won awards for my work and have been published in several magazines. I love to work for a variety of different clients, including influencers, brands, and anyone in between.

I'm always happy to chat about concepts and whatever else you may need to show off your work or style. Feel free to reach out via email!


@dersh.fotki                         @dashacantexist

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